strength training coach and personal trainerAna Grimh is the office manager at Functional Integrated Training. In other words, she’s the glue that holds everything together!

Prior to joining the F.I.T. team, she managed and improved teams and systems in a variety of environments. Building relationships with others is a skill that feels natural to her, and she enjoys helping people better themselves and their situations. For the last decade, Ana has coached people on a plethora of topics, including, but not limited to, behavior modification for their pet(s), how to improve performance in a job-related situation, providing better customer service and how to become a leader.

Ana earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009, and is currently working toward her doctor of physical therapy from the same university.

She’s the owner and program director of Teacher’s Pet Training Academy, an organization that trains dogs.

As Ana began focusing on her own health and fitness, she became fascinated by how humans move and how to improve movement to feel and perform better. Ana is committed to and enjoys continuing education and learning, as evidenced through her maintenance of various pet training certifications and her dedication to studying for and earning health- and fitness-related certifications.

She’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Level 1 specialist through Functional Movement Systems and a Crossfit Level 1 trainer.

By continuing to learn and grow, she feels she can better help others!

She’s been competitive and athletic all her life. Throughout high school, college and beyond, Ana played multiple sports, focusing on volleyball and long-distance running. As a long-distance runner, she’s competed in numerous marathons and ultramarathons. Completing these distances provided her both the challenge of training and a feeling of accomplishing such an incredible task.

Ana’s husband introduced her to lifting, and she began following a more structured strength and conditioning program. She’s competed in weightlifting, powerlifting and other general fitness competitions since 2013.

Competing has helped Ana realize how strong she can be. As she observed others moving in the classroom and out in the real-world, she discovered her fascination into how people move. Considering her passion for helping people and interest in movement, coaching and getting into the fitness field seemed like the most logical and engaging career path!