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Accurate Data for Accountability

Accountability can be challenging from afar. Whether you travel regularly and have to train on the road despite having a coach at home. Or you have a distance coach that you work with and train in your garage or basement.

Training sessions are rarely done live and in-person and often times the only real way to know how progress is shaping up is through DATA.

There are dozens of quality workout tracking apps, food tracking apps, activity logging apps, appetizer apps…oh wait sorry, scratch that last one…

Additionally, as is the case with our gym, having data is great to make sure the training session is personalized no matter how large the session or who the coach is.

For example, our whiteboard in the back of the gym is designated for our MPT clients. They can track new PRs and how many reps were completed on various exercises.

Most of our athletes are very consistent with their training times, but occasionally someone has to train at night who is otherwise a 5:30 am Athlete.

And considering most of our MPT coaches in the morning don’t also train those evening sessions, that coach could be at a loss. But, with good tracking of the Athlete’s numbers, a coach who doesn’t know the Athlete well can guide them accurately and effectively simply by checking out their numbers on the whiteboard. (makes some of you MPT Athletes that don’t use the board want to now, huh? J)

And if that wasn’t enough, let’s talk personal accountability.

We are all guilty of looking too far ahead, thinking, “what would it be like if I was that much stronger. Think of all the things I would be able to push out of the way!” The future is awesome because it is distant and yet to be determined. However, when you be present and also reflect, your happiness tends to sky rocket.

Data is great because it can give you an unbiased and worthwhile view of where you were and where you are now. And when you can look back and see how much stronger, happier, healthier you are, it is inspiring and can be a much bigger driver than continually trying to be as good as someone else or think about what you should be able to accomplish in 6 months.

Coach Jared