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Ab Training Without Stress

If training the abs correctly was easy, we would all be walking around with great posture and the multi-billion dollar back pain industry wouldn’t exist.

But that just isn’t the case.

So let’s at least kill two birds with one stone: decrease some of the stress associated with an arched, sympathetic posture by training the abs on the ground AND activating the front side abs and the glutes to maintain that position.

Let’s use the glute bridge to illustrate. A hard exhale to eliminate the low back arch, followed by a strong inhalation through the nose sets a great position for extending the hips without hyperextending the low back. That strategy can be carried through to RDLs, deadlifts or any other hip hinging activity.

Following a workout, you can use the same exercise, with a slightly different focus to shut the systems down and reset before heading back into your day.

By exhaling fully in a glute bridge to reverse the typical extension position created during training, we allow our brain to switch into parasympathetic mode (rest & digest). Our heart rate decreases, the breathing rate slows dramatically and you are able to actually chill out.

Both strategies are effective tools to use and will allow you to better enjoy the rest of your stress filled day!


Coach Jared