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5 Steps to Set & Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

By Luke Briggs, CSCS, PN-1, Coach at FIT

Every year, about 2/3 of Americans set health-related goals for the new year.

Of those people, nearly ¾ quit before they reach their goal, and nearly half give up on their goal in six weeks or less.

So how do you set goals for 2018 that will last the entire year and not just a few weeks?


If you really want to achieve your goal in 2018, you’ve got to be really clear on exactly what you want. Just saying you want to “get in shape” isn’t enough. How can you make your goal specific and measurable? Do you want to be 200 pounds with a 32-inch waist? Do you want to exercise 3 times per week?

Whatever it is, it’s got to be specific so you know EXACTLY what you’re trying to achieve.

Specific goals yield specific results. Unspecific goals yield unspecific results.

2.     FIND YOUR “WHY”

A goal without meaning is useless. What good is getting to 200 pounds with a 32-inch waist if you don’t know how it will help you?

Do you want to reach your goal to set a good example for your kids? Do you want to reach your goal to look great for an upcoming vacation or high school reunion? Did you have a family member who died at an early age from a health condition and you don’t want that to happen to you?

If you truly want to reach your health and fitness goal(s) in 2018, you’ve got to find a strong enough reason to achieve them. Otherwise, you won’t.


The goal you set will only be achievable if it’s something you can do consistently for a long period of time. Ask yourself the following question – “Am I still going to be able to do what I’m currently doing one year from now?” If the answer is “No,” you’ve got to pick a different approach.

If you’re not exercising currently and you have lots of family and work obligations, trying to workout six days per week probably isn’t going to be sustainable. If you’re not currently following any sort of nutrition regimen, doing a 30-day detox or cleanse where you cut out lots of different foods probably isn’t a good idea either.

Instead, you could start by exercising twice per week or following a nutrition habit like slowing down your eating or having a lean protein at each meal.


What gets scheduled, gets done.

So rather than hoping you’re going to have time to get your workout in, get your meal prep done or get your grocery shopping done, you’ve got to put it in your calendar like it’s an appointment you can’t break.

That might mean you need to do your grocery shopping at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but if that’s one time during the week you KNOW you’re going to do it, that’s the time it will need to be if you want to crush your goal(s) in 2018.

If you want to get something done, MAKE time instead of just FINDING time.


While it’s really easy to say we’re going to do all these things, it’s a lot easier to do them if we have someone holding us to our word.

It could be a trusted friend or a coach you hire, but either way, you’ve got to make sure you have someone keeping you accountable.

That way, when you hit snooze instead of going to the gym, you’ll have someone who knows and cares if you don’t show up!