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30% Feedback Rule

Our clients are Athletes, FIT Athletes to be specific.

And therefore, when we coach, we treat them as such. Not someone who isn’t just showing up to the gym so they can say they have a trainer. Nor someone who trains at the gym to show off their guns to the ladies hoping for someone to make a comment and suck them into their bro-vortex.

No, our Athletes are seeking out training as a way to kick ass at life. They attempt to win every single day by being more physically capable than before. And in doing so, they need to be prepared not to just move well at FIT, but also outside of our 4 walls.
So we intentionally don’t coach up every single rep. In fact, there is a process to our madness.

The magic number, as has been researched in various skill acquisition settings, is right around 30% feedback.

This allows for 70% of the repetitions, be it squats at FIT or shooting free throws for basketball, to be internally analyzed by the individual.

When skills are taught in this manner, the body starts to talk with the brain about how the rep felt, was it better than before or worse, what did I feel that was different that may have affected the end result and change behaviors over time to actually acquire the skill set to be retained and utilized later.

So, when we don’t provide feedback on every rep, despite being begged at times by our Athletes, there is a method to our madness and we better prepare them to kick ass at life and win the day!

Coach Jared