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2020 Winter, Why is it Different From a Health Perspective?

The typical conversation I have with at least one new client in March (we will call our potential new client Rex):

Rex: “Yeah, I have our Spring Break trip coming up at the end of this month and want to look great on the beach.”
Me: “Cool, I think that’s a possibility, what have you been doing to prepare up to this point?”
Rex: “Mostly watching football, drinking on the weekends, eating pretty good and always hitting national bench day on Monday and then arms and shoulders on Friday.”
Me: “Gotcha, so in 2 ½ weeks, we aren’t going to make drastic body changes but we can get some water weight off which will help you look leaner. But it’s going to be hard work and probably going to involve doing some actual lower body training.”
Rex: “Hmm, alright, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and add the Six days to a Six pack routine I saw on YouTube. I hate doing legs”

Now this might be a bit of an exaggeration, but in all seriousness, a conversation also exactly like this has happened to me.

So what can you take from this. First, you are probably more educated than Rex up here and know that abs aren’t built overnight. Second, there is a deeper issue here that hasn’t been discussed yet.

This conversation or anything like it, didn’t occur this year. Spring Breaks were largely cancelled as were the typical Summer activities that many people bank on to make sure they have their winter lbs stripped off to look good in a bikini or their new board shorts.

We spent most of the summer around those we felt comfortable with, thus losing those pounds going into vacation wasn’t necessary.

Now, it’s also important to understand our heritage. We are mammals. And most mammals have periods of the year when activity is high, fat layers are shed due to warmer temperatures and the sun is out much longer making it fun to be active early in the morning and deep into the evening.

If you think we have evolved past that, you are wrong. The natural circadian rhythms we experience haven’t changed that fast.

So now, we head into the winter. For most mammals, that means stockpiling food and putting on fat to supply the body with energy while they hibernate. For us, we don’t hibernate specifically, but naturally the energy levels decrease as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. Additionally, the food that we tend to crave is more fatty and calorically dense to help us put on that healthy layer of fat for the winter.

Here’s where we run into a problem, we never stripped that fat layer off for the Summer!

We got bombarded by a pandemic and a complete shift in how we work and how our kids get educated. Life in the Summer did not remain the same.

So, it’s now time for us to take action. To fight back on the tendency to want to hole up, watch lots of TV and football, eat all the holiday goodies and put on that Winter warmth layer.

But I’m not saying you have to get to FIT or a Gym. You should feel comfortable coming to a place like FIT due to the amount of safety procedures we have put in place, but you might not.

That’s okay.

All I’m saying is, go out, be active REGULARLY and have someone to hold you accountable.

That’s why we are promoting the MyZone belts. You don’t need to be at FIT to have us keep you accountable. Every time you are out getting your exercise on, wear your belt. We will see your accumulation of activity and make sure you are fighting the good fight for YOU!

It’s time for you to take control of what you can. Get out, train hard this Winter and fight back so you emerge victorious this Spring!



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