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Functional Integrated Training Is Your Community. Your Family.

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Personal Training

Our Personal Training program is setting men and women all across Fitchburg up for success from day one. We're helping people of all experience levels take on healthy, sustainable results and incredible confidence in no time.

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Small Group Training

Our Small Group Fitness program is designed to set you up for success with a focus on every aspect of your health and wellness. Join us in Fitchburg for targeted fitness training, comprehensive nutrition coaching, and so much more!

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Personal Training near Fitchburg


Take on high-energy workouts and fun Group Fitness training at Functional Integrated Training in Fitchburg. Our team is committed to making your journey more effective and enjoyable than ever before!

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Youth Sports Performance

Our Youth Sports Performance Training is the perfect way for kids all across Fitchburg to take on targeted training strategies and develop sport-specific skills in no time. We're offering proven fitness systems, injury prevention, and so much more!

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

West Madison Weightlifting Team

Our Olympic Weightlifting program is designed to help people of all experience levels maximize their strength and get the most out of every movement. We're providing a safe, supportive facility where you can thrive from day one.

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Badger Berg

I have a 13 Y.O. daughter in club softball, working out at F.I.T. has elevated her game to the next level. She is throwing harder and stronger, is faster, more agile and has more endurance to help pla...

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Jen Brokaw

I joined FIT just over 2 years ago after my PT recommended it . I met with Jared who assessed my goals and strengths. They focus on good technique and safe lifting habits while pushing you to believe ...

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Jodi Anderson

I’ve been a member at FIT for just over a year. While I consider myself a fairly experienced lifter, I have learned so much from the coaches during my PPT sessions. From tweaks in form to new wa...

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Jason Holtman

Great environment, awesome coaches, and an inclusive group of members. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, everyone accepts you and you can train at your pace. Coaches genuinely care a...

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Meredith Clay Smith

I joined FIT in June and love it. I keep coming back, which says a lot! On numerous occasions my PT has mentioned what a great job they do with exercise substitutions. She also recently said, “T...

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Personal Training near Fitchburg

Janet Kazmierczak Dickinson

FIT is amazing! I have been working out at FIT for 4 years. The staff are supportive, encouraging, and help you get stronger every workout; making an effort to get to know each member/athlete. The car...

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We Are FIT Strong

You will walk into FIT on day 1 feeling like you belong to a Family and to a Community. Each session you build sweat equity that moves you forward.

With the support and guidance of your coaches and fellow athletes, you too will become FIT Strong.

Whether you're looking for personal training, athletic training, strength training, or sport-specific training for high school and college athletes, everyone is an athlete at Functional Integrated Training.

Every F.I.T. athlete starts by figuring out WHY they are training with us. We help each athlete stay committed and accountable to his or her goals by inspiring a passion to improve daily.

We believe that mastery leads to success, and we help and support our athletes as they master all aspects of life to achieve their desired results. This mastery includes our 5 Pillars of Athletic Excellence: Training, Recovery, Nutrition, Hydration, and Motivation.

Want to chat about where you're starting? Just fill out the short form on your screen and we'll get in touch with you today!


Learn About the Services Functional Integrated Training Offers

  • Service


    Our team at Functional Integrated Training is committed to helping you achieve your goals. Starting from your very first day of training, our coaches will help you lose weight, build muscle, and become your ideal self.

  • Education


    We're not keeping secrets. When you train with us here at Functional Integrated Training, we'll help you understand how your body works and the facts behind nutritional guidelines so that you can get the best results possible.

  • Empowerment


    Become your best self! Our team at Functional Integrated Training is on a mission to help ordinary men and women from all around Fitchburg and surrounding areas experience a life-changing transformation.

  • Results


    If you don't believe that our unique approach to personal training and general fitness really works, check out our testimonials. Our compassionate, professional coaches have touched hundreds of lives in Fitchburg, Verona and beyond. Yours could be next!

Join the Functional Integrated Training Family to finally achieve the results you desire!

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