Functional Integrated Training
We Are FIT Strong
Our gym family helps build confidence through strength. Confidence to do something you: have done before but can't now, have wanted to do your whole life, or hadn't even imagined possible before joining FIT.
Are you ready to gain Your version of confidence? If so, we are here to guide you.


Personalized Training

We provide an individualized experience in ALL our group training offerings.

360° Athlete Experience

Athletic Excellence is based on Training, Nutrition, Hydration, Recovery and Motivation.

F.I.T. Family

When you join F.I.T., you are now an exclusive member of our family for the rest of your life!

Join the Functional Integrated Training Family to finally achieve the results you desire! Call us now at 608-630-8533!

Whether you're looking for personal training, athletic training, strength training, or sport-specific training for high school and college athletes, everyone is an athlete at Functional Integrated Training.

Every F.I.T. athlete starts by figuring out WHY they are training with us. We help each athlete stay committed and accountable to his or her goals by inspiring a passion to improve daily.

We believe that mastery leads to success, and we help and support our athletes as they master all aspects of life to achieve their desired results.

This mastery includes our 5 Pillars of Athletic Excellence: Training, Recovery, Nutrition, Hydration, and Motivation.

Everyday Athletes

Life is a sport, demanding physical and mental toughness. F.I.T. Everyday Athletes dominate the sport of life!

Competitive Athletes

Competitiveness doesn’t have to end in your twenties. There are multitudes of athletic endeavors for those who thrive off competition!

Youth Athletics

Athletes looking to take their game to the next level need strength training. Our ADAPT programs provide training options for every developmental age!

"I’ve found a whole new tier in my game recently. Not only are my legs stronger, but my reaction time is better thanks to F.I.T."

Henry Cutting

"I would definitely recommend F.I.T. My son is a member, and I’m certain more of my family will be joining in the future."

Ric Brown

"Thanks to F.I.T. I have new found strength, confidence, and friends."

Lacy Miron