Gain Strength & Become Your

Ideal Self In Fitchburg

Personalized Coaching & An Amazing Supportive Community To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Gain Strength & Become Your Ideal Self In Fitchburg

Personalized Coaching & An Amazing Supportive Community To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Programs Designed To Optimize Your Training

Personal Training & Small Group Classes

Expert Coaches Guiding Every Workout

Is Functional Integrated Training Right For You?

  • Do you struggle to find time to make your health and yourself a priority? 

  • Are you looking for a coach to create a custom strength training and fitness plan for you? 

  • Are you looking to ditch the gimmicks and create a healthy lifestyle? 

  • Are you looking for a coach to help you get healthy with limited time? 

  • Are you looking to move better, get stronger, reduce injuries and live life with confidence? 

If you answered “YES” to these questions, we would love to help you! 

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We know you want to look good, and feel even better.

And we get it, it’s not always easy to make yourself a priority while juggling all life throws at you.

But in order to feel your best, you need a SIMPLE plan, and accountability from an expert coach to guide you every step of the way.

Join the thousands of people who have transformed their lives through

Functional Integrated Training's proven programs!


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Start Your Fitness Journey With Functional Integrated Training

In 4 Easy Steps:


Once you fill out the form on this page, we will send you a text in 5 minutes to get you set up for the next step!

STEP 2 - Meet With A Coach

Schedule your initial 15-minute coaching session with one of our coaches to discuss your fitness goals as well as any physical limitations or injuries we should know about.

STEP 3 - Performance Eval

This is a 1 hr in person evaluation with our coaching staff. The performance evaluation is us getting to know how well you move, understanding your starting point and getting to know the staff before you workout.

STEP 4 - See Results

Get excited about your first session. The coach will explain how to do each floor movement and guide you through the process. Be sure to listen closely. Our coaches are here to help and will correct your form if needed.

Our Proven Programs To Achieve Amazing Results In Madtown

Personal Training

Small Group Training

Weightlifting Team

Madison West Weighlifting Team

Youth Sports Performance

We Are #FITStrong

You will walk into FIT on day 1 feeling like you belong to a Family and to a Community. Each session you build sweat equity that moves you forward.

With the support and guidance of your coaches and fellow athletes, you too will become FIT Strong.

Whether you're looking for personal training, athletic training, strength training,

or sport-specific training for high school and college athletes, everyone is an athlete at Functional Integrated Training.

Every F.I.T. athlete starts by figuring out WHY they are training with us. We help each athlete stay committed and accountable to his or her goals by inspiring a passion to improve daily.

We believe that mastery leads to success, and we help and support our athletes as they master all aspects of life to achieve their desired results.

This Mastery Includes Our 5 Pillars Of Athletic Excellence:






Don't Just Let Us Tell You About Our Program

Here It From Clients Who Have Fallen In Love With FIT

I’ve been a member at FIT for just over a year. While I consider myself a fairly experienced lifter, I have learned so much from the coaches during my PT sessions. From tweaks in form to new ways to perform “standard” lifts, my strength has progressed steadily and I am seeing PRs in every program. Additionally, the supportive environment and flexible session times all make FIT an exceptional value and one of my favorite places to be 3x every week!

Jodi A

I joined FIT just over 2 years ago after my PT recommended it . I met with Jared who assessed my goals and strengths. They focus on good technique and safe lifting habits while pushing you to believe in yourself. Max is my primary coach. We work well together. He listens to my needs and my mountain biking challenges and goals . It feels like a big family that supports each other . I enjoy the confidence and empowerment I feel from gaining all over strength and balance . This will be a tremendous advantage to me as I get older and continue my fun filled mountain biking adventure. Fit did an excellent job managing the pandemic and getting clients back to the gym in a safe manner . I love this gym and all the little nuggets of info I get from all the coaches . I would recommend again and again!

Jen B

I have a 13 Y.O. daughter in club softball, working out at F.I.T. has elevated her game to the next level. She is throwing harder and stronger, is faster, more agile and has more endurance to help play multiple games in the wisco heat and humidity. It also raised her from a backup position to a starter on her new team, which she was offered a position on the spot. We are very thankful for her FIT coaches and the goals they have helped her achieve and look forward to her only getting better! Thank you FIT and your Adapt program!

Badger B

Are You Ready To Have Fun Doing Fitness & Get Great Results?

With Our Strength & Fitness Programs You Get: 

  • Customized programs to help you reach your goals 

  • Tailored workouts based on your skill level

  • Personal training and semi-private options available

  • Expert coaches guiding you every step of the way

  • Support of a team and community working together

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