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Get Better Every Day for the Rest of Your Life


by Jared Markiewicz, ACSM-CPT, YFS, TPI CGFI When you are leaving Functional Integrated Training, there is a sign in big blue letters that simply states: You Just Got Better. But, is it possible that every person who has been training with us for 2, 3 or 4+ years is actually STILL getting better every day? […]

Beginner Barbell Training: Linear Progression


By Max Dallman The fastest known way between two points is a straight line. When we talk about getting stronger, we utilize the term linear progression. But, what exactly does that mean? It means increasing the weight on the barbell by small increments each training session for as long as possible. In other words, an […]

3 Big Fat Lies About Lifting Weights


By Luke Briggs, CSCS, PN-1, Coach at FIT In the age of technology, we have access to more information than ever before. Unfortunately, that means more people can deliver information through the thousands of platforms available to us. As such, misinformation is running rampant. In the fitness community, many self-proclaimed “experts” have created many myths […]

Establishing S.M.A.R.T. Goals


By Annalise Simsek, Coach at FIT “The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.” Ben Stein Let’s face it, the dust settled around your New Year’s Fitness Resolution ages ago, right? It’s now Spring, and despite your best intentions, you’ve not seen the amazing results […]

Tonnage Training: Make Gains EVERY Weight Training Session


Since the 1960s, tonnage has been recognized as a tool the Russian weightlifters were using to gauge how much weight they were lifting in a given training cycle. Of course, America took and demonized it. Here is a great article from Breaking Muscle about the history of our culture trying to learn what the Russians […]

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Fueling your Body for Optimal Performance


From weekend warriors to Ironman finishers, performance is directly tied to diet.  If you want to train at the peak of your ability and recover quickly, you must be intentional about what you eat, taking care to feed your body what it needs.  Trying to work out with a body that is starving for essential […]

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What Motivates You?


What Motivates You? Mike Fohner, cross country running coach, tells this story about one of his students: Last year, one of my young cross-country runners was fully content walking up the hills and avoiding physical exertion to the maximum extent possible. I tried all sorts of tactics and motivation techniques…to wits end. Even my “walkers […]

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You are What You Eat: You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet


Ever heard someone give themselves permission to indulge their sweet tooth just because they just had a great workout?  It’s a common excuse. Many people believe that because they exercise, they’re in the black as far as their calorie input/output.  But in reality, this sort of thinking is a sure road to failure. Most people […]

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Upgrade Your Warmup


Upgrade Your Warm-up You might be tempted to skip the warm up when you work out.  After all, you only have so much time to exercise—“Let’s just get on with it already!  I’m in a hurry!” But warming up is a critical component of your fitness routine, and skipping it could have unpleasant and even […]

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Your Strategy for Success on Thanksgiving


In just a few days, families all over America will be sitting down to a meal which looks back to that first Thanksgiving in which the Pilgrims commemorated the harvest after a harsh winter.  The year was 1621, and Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of thanksgiving, which the colonists celebrated as a traditional English […]