Annalise started as an intern at F.I.T. in July 2013 and currently coaches in semi-private sessions. She believes a solid foundation in functional strength is vital for any athlete to succeed in his or her chosen sport. She is an equestrian athlete who believes that to ride an elite equine athlete, she too must be an elite athlete.

Annalise noticed a lack of strength and conditioning resources for equestrian riders, so she decided to look elsewhere.
She is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Specialist and a certified HRV Pro Trainer through BioForce HRV. Annalise is also working independently to develop specific strength and conditioning programs for equestrian athletes.

She is currently training a young Irish Sport Horse for competition. Annalise hopes to eventually compete at the internationalGrand Prix level of show jumping, a competitive sport involving riding horses over various obstacles.

She graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 1994 with a bachelor of arts degree in finance and economics and earned a bachelor of science degree in architecture from the University of East London in 2003.